Heroic Feet - Marathon Recovery


Whether you’re a regular runner or striving for your first race, all those hours pounding the pavements, pushing through pain and all weathers to achieve your goal makes you a certified hero!

Sometimes even heroes need a little help - take this post-run advice so you can recover and relax after the race of your life.


Make sure you eat plenty of energising foods and rehydrate your body; things like bananas, pasta and a tonne of water to aid your body’s repair and recovery process.


Ice, Ice baby..

Option1: Fill a bath with water and ice. Soak in it.

Option2: Work an air-light ice-fresh cooling mousse into those weary legs, ankles and feet. We recommend DeStresser to reduce swelling and puffiness, soothe those aches and release that heaviness!


Light massage 

None of that deep tissue stuff straight away - the best thing is light and gentle massage to loosen the muscles and release aching and tightening post-race. Massage Cream Wash into damp feet and legs, working gently and methodically from the soles of the feet up to the ankles and calves.


Address THOSE blisters

You don’t even want to go near the raw, sore skin on your feet, but it’s vital that you treat them fast to avoid infection and further friction. Soak feet in warm water then gently pat dry before applying Blister Shield, an invisible film which cushions and protects your sore skin while allowing it to breathe.


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