Festival Feet


You can easily cure a headache, dance off a hangover and believe it or not, eventually get dry - but if you aren't properly prepared, foot pain and discomfort could really ruin your festival experience! 


Here are our top tips for an unforgettable festival… 

Arrival Strategy

When you’re rocking up with your tent and tonnes of gear, the temptation is to plonk yourself in the nearest space and get on with your weekend, but a bit of forward planning to place yourself in an area that’s both close to the action and safe(r) from flooding could make all the difference to your experience - and your wellbeing!


Free Your Feet

Muddy, rainy, damp conditions can lead to a horrible condition called ‘trench foot’, with symptoms such as swelling, pain and gradual loss of feeling in the feet. Avoid this by bringing plenty of dry socks and releasing feet from their welly-boot caves regularly to allow feet to breathe. Applying DeoRefresh will ward off fungi formation and help keep feet odour free.


Make It Painless

Nothing ruins the mood more than blisters and those new wellies are bound to cause some rubbing. Slip a compact Blister Shield into your pocket for anytime relief from friction and be the last one standing!


Power Nap

All that dancing, walking and queueing takes its toll eventually. Make time to catch up on sleep and recharge for maximum enjoyment - earplugs and sleep masks recommended! Massaging feet and legs with DeStresser will boost circulation to those cold toes and help relax you to sleep amongst all the excitement.





Do you have any festival survival tips you’d like to share?

Leave a comment below!

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  • Paul Evans
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