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With spring just around the corner, it's time once again to bring your legs and feet out of their hibernation, lock away the winter boots and break out your summer sandals, wedges and flip-flops.

Getting your feet, legs and nails in tip-top condition is no easy task, so we're now offering 20% OFF Foot Expertise with FREE UK P&P* in our exclusive Step into Spring campaign.

Foot Expertise is fabulous and high performing range of unisex foot care, ankle care and leg care products, treatments and cures, that have been formulated across three key categories; Hygiene & Wellness, Prevention Protection and Soothing and Specials. Containing no parabens and no SLS or no SLES, these products cater for a wide range foot and leg ailments including:

  • dry skin 
  • rough skin
  • blisters 
  • feet swelling
  • leg tiredness
  • heavy legs syndrome
  • cracked heels
  • fissures
  • deodorising feet
  • smelly feet
  • tinea pedia
  • athlete's foot
  • candidate intertrigo
  • sweat rash
  • tinea corporis
  • ringworm
  • toenail repair
  • sweaty feet

With Foot Expertise, your legs and feet will be totally cared for giving you full confidence to bare them as you step into spring. 

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  • Paul Evans

Post-Summer Foot Care Tips 0

Freeing our feet over the summer months can feel liberating, but all those long sunny days spent in flip-flops and sandals can leave your feet looking far from beautiful. We’ve put together the perfect post-summer foot care products for revitalising your feet and giving them some much needed love to get them ready for autumn!
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At-Home Pedicure in 6 Easy Steps 0

Prepping your tootsies for summer doesn’t need to be a hassle - we’ll walk you through the six simple steps to beautiful feet…

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New Balls, Please! 0

The balls of your feet, that is...

Wimbledon 2016 has officially begun, bringing two weeks of Pimms, strawberries and of course, world class tennis!

Inspired to get out on the court? Dusting off those tennis whites requires a bit of preparation...

  • Paul Evans

Festival Feet 0

You can easily cure a headache, dance off a hangover and believe it or not, eventually get dry - but if you aren't properly prepared, foot pain and discomfort could really ruin your festival experience! 

Here are our top tips for an unforgettable festival… 

  • Paul Evans