The Grooming Guide: It's all about the beards.


Whether you’re a man with a flourishing beard looking for grooming tips, or a beardless guy planning to grow out your facial hair, follow our top tips for grooming and taming beards of all shapes and sizes, turning you from a beard-zero to bushy-hero in no time at all.

Patience is a virtue!

On your quest to grow a beard, there will come a time when you’ll face the greatest of hair challenges: an itchy beard. The moment that itchy feeling starts, many men will simply give up: not you though, you must be patient. The irritation will pass and you will emerge victorious, but give it time, and remember…

Real men moisturise!

For men who think moisturising is just for the ladies, you couldn't be more wrong. Every bearded man needs to moisturise, as no one likes a dry, wiry beard. Sadly, that will be the result if you fail to keep both your facial hair and the skin beneath clean and conditioned. A product like Morgan’s Daily Moisturiser is the perfect formula to soothe, hydrate and replenish moisture to the skin below.

You wear what you eat, apparently…

For those of you already sporting a flourishing beard, one of the biggest problems you face is the crumb; there is nothing worse than finding bits of your breakfast in your beard. Brushing throughly is vital to not only keep it looking neat and well maintained, but also to keep it crumb-free, and you looking your very best. Made in Italy, Morgan’s Beard Brush is ideal for cleaning and tidying up any beard.

Oil up! 

Nothing works better at taming even the wildest of beards throughout its life than the regular use of a good quality beard oil. Morgan’s Beard Oil is your best friend when it comes conditioning your beard; with its unique blend of 100% essential oils, it will nourish both your beard and the skin hidden beneath.

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