Hygiene and Wellness Gift Set

Product Description

💙The Chill Cabinet is pleased offer the Foot Expertise Hygiene and Wellness Bundle! 👣

This bundle includes:

Active Care Moisturising Lotion: the emulsion acts as a powerful emollient suitable for all skin types, and is diabetes and dermatitis friendly! This lotion is also non-greasy, quick absorbing and long lasting...perfect for anyone on the go!

Cream Wash Refreshing and Deodorising Cleanser: a light weight, non-foamy, medicated cleansing milk ideal to keep the skin soft, supple and deeply moisturised, guaranteeing a refreshing and deodorising action. 

Deo Refresh 2 in 1 Refreshing Deodorant for Feet and Shoes: this refreshing and deodoriser is ideal to keep feet hygienically fresh and pleasantly odour-free, whilst actively soothing itching and burning sensations. 

DeStresser Revitalising Mousse for Feet, Ankles and Legs: the refraction and invigorating mousse is ideal for legs, ankles and feet suffering from weariness, swelling, puffiness and heaviness. Perfect foot recovery for after a long day at work, international flights, or heavy sports activity!

This is the perfect foot wellness bundle for all your foot care needs!

£45.00 £50.96

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