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The Chill Cabinet is pleased offer the Foot Expertise Special Bundle! đź‘Ł

This bundle includes:

💛Blister Shield: is a watery-rich compound which creates an invisible, protective film, smoothing the skin, reducing friction and rubbing and cushioning bruised skin or preventing the formation of blisters. 

💛Fungal SOS: is used to help prevent + sooth Tinea Pedis (usually known as Athlete's Foot) and other common fungal skin conditions, such as candidal intertrigo (usually known as sweat rash), ringworm (Tinea Corporis) and jock or dhobie itch (Tinea Cruris). 

💛Toenail Repair: This precious oily blend exerts a whitening, revitalising and softening action, cleansing and strengthening distressed toenails. Suitable for toenails prone to thickening and yellow discoloration, conditions often related to drugs' side effect, overuse of aggressive nail polishes, eczema, heavy smoking. And can aid in the treatment of toenail disorders like onychomycosis and fungal infections, when scaliness and brittleness appear, debris under the nail build up and a distorted nail shape occurs.

This is the perfect bundle for the toughest foot care needs! 

£32.00 £35.97

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