Cracks Refiller 75ml

Product Description

The ultimate healing treatment with soothing, replenishing, calming and wound-healing actions to repair severely cracked heels prone to or suffering from fissures.

Highly effective against foot hyperkeratosis, the rich formula acts with a regenerating and remedial effect against deep fissures, activating the natural skin regeneration process and helping to restore healthy skin.

The hydro regulative active ingredients “replace” the natural moisturizing factors washed out by external aggressive detergents, preventing in this way premature desquamation of the epithelial cells and loss of suppleness.

Application tips:
Gently massage onto clean, dry skin, until fully absorbed.
Apply daily, once or twice, whenever the need is felt; used on a regular basis the skin regains its natural elasticity and resilience.

Active ingredients:
XpertMoist® = Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract + Proline + Alanine + Serine
NMF substitute = sodium lactate, sodium PCA, glycine, fructose, lactic, niacinamide, inositol working as a powerful humectant.

Skin-friendliness claims:
No parabens – no SLS/SLES – no silicons – no alcohol – no PEG/PPG – no mineral oils – no artificial colouring agents.
Suitable for all foot skin types, also for diabetics.

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