Cream Wash 200ml

Product Description

Cream Foot Wash: refreshing, deodorizing cleanser.

A lightweight, non-foamy, medicated cleansing milk ideal to keep the skin soft, supple and deeply moisturized, guaranteeing a refreshing and deodorising action.

It helps to soften hard skin preventing the formation of corns and eventually contributing to their removal through subsequent treatments.

Thyme and Lavender essential oils exert a deep anti-microbial and purifying action, keeping the skin free from bacteria and virus and preventing sweat from developing into bad odour.

The effect of Triclosan enhances skin defense against microbial pollution, making the product very appropriate for usage especially in case of humid-warm environments, such as swimming-pools, gyms, spas, etc.

Suitable for all foot skin types: horny, cracked, sweating/oily.

Application tips:
Apply to damp feet. Massage gently, then rinse.
Apply daily, once or twice, whenever the need is felt.
Regular bathing prevents infections and provides long-term deodorization.

Active ingredients:
Thyme essential oil = skin-purifying and anti-microbial
Lavender essential oil = skin-purifying and anti-microbial,
calming and relaxing properties
Triclosan = anti-microbial
Undecylenamide DEA = anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, non-ionic surfactant, foam booster
Jojoba Oil = moisturizing agent of the lipophilic layer

Skin-friendliness claims:
No parabens – no SLS/SLES - no silicons - no alcohol - no PEG/PPG - no mineral oils - no colouring agents.
Fragrance free, light scent given by essential oils.
Suitable for all foot skin types, also for diabetics.


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