Deo Refresh 2in1 125ml

Product Description

Deo Refresh 2in1: refreshing deodorant for feet & shoes

2 in 1 action: refreshing + deodorising
Our 2 in 1 refreshing and deodoriser is ideal to keep feet hygienically fresh and pleasantly odour-free, whilst actively soothing itching and burning sensations.

The anti-microbial activity of Triclosan and Triethyl Citrate neutralizes and prevents bad odors, is effective against fungi formation and regulates foot transpiration. Menthol supplies a boost of long-lasting freshness, exerting a decongestant and anti-inflammatory action.

Suitable for all foot skin types and for any footwear (sports shoes, sky boots, sandals, leather shoes), it does not leave any residues.

Providing a protection against fungal infection, it is ideal to be used as a preventive care, before and after a stay in changing rooms of gyms, swimming pools, saunas, or in hotel rooms.

Application tips:
Spray 2-3 times inside the shoes and/or socks and/or directly on feet Apply daily, once or twice, whenever the need is felt.

Active ingredients:
Triclosan = anti-microbial Menthol = astringent, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-pruritic icy-freshness with a long-lasting effect Triethyl citrate = by lowering the PH to 4-5 it inhibits the enzymatic degradation of skin lipids, major cause of bad odour.

Skin-friendliness claims:
No parabens – no SLS/SLES – no silicons – no PEG/PPG – no mineral oils – no colouring agents No antiperspirant agents Suitable for all foot skin types.


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