Kerato Scratcher 75ml

Product Description

A gentle exfoliating scrubbing massage to remove dead cells from the upper layers of skin surface, allowing more effective cell renewal and preparing the skin for the subsequent treatments.

Unpleasant skin scales are removed, circulation is stimulated and rough skin is helped to become smooth and soft.

Besides removing old cells and horny debris from the skin, keratolysis facilitates the penetration of the other active ingredients into the skin: the presence of XpertMoist® complex provides a powerful supply of hydration to the skin, leaving the feet supple and extra moisturized.

Application tips:
Gently massage onto clean, dry skin 1 or 2 applications per week

Active ingredients:
XpertMoist® = Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract + Proline + Alanine + Serine Salicylic acid = highly effective keratolytic agent, it removes skin cells from the stratum corneum and facilitates skin penetration of other active ingredients. it acts as well as anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and can improve skin thickness, barrier function and collagen production.

Skin-friendliness claims:
No parabens – no SLS/SLES – no silicons – no alcohol – no PEG/PPG - no mineral oils – no artificial colouring agents Suitable for all foot skin types.

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