PerspirOFF 75ml

Product Description

A highly effective medicated cream to treat feet suffering from high perspiration, skin maceration and subsequent bad odour formation.

The powerful active ingredient acts against hyperhidrosis, regulating sweating and humidity, minimizing bacterial proliferation caused by sweat decomposing micro-organisms, protecting the skin from fungal infections and itching between the toes.

The non-greasy texture leaves a pleasant “dry effect” on the skin, very often oily.

With its antiperspirant, absorbing, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action the product is perfect for swimming pools, saunas and fitness centers/gyms.

Application tips:
In the evening, apply the cream in a thin layer, on cleansed and dry feet soles, upper arch, inter-digital spaces and rub in gently. Leave it in place till morning, then rinse off. At the beginning of the treatment apply every night for the first 6 or 7 days until the desired level of perspiration control is reached. Subsequently collapse applications to 2 or 3 times a week according to individual perspiration condition.

Active ingredients:
Aluminium chloride = antiperspirant agent, proven first-line therapy for patients suffering from hyperhidrosis, preventing odour caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration

Skin-friendliness claims:
No parabens – no SLS/SLES – no alcohol - no mineral oils – no artificial colouring agents Preservative free Suitable for all foot skin types.

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